Online catalog for “By Chance, A Video Show”

January 31, 2011

There is an online catalog for “By Chance, A Video Show,” which includes essays by John G. Hanhardt, senior curator of media arts at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Kathleen MacQueen and a statement by curator Peter Campus. An excerpt from MacQueen’s “Subtle Intensities of the Unexpected:”

War, economics, and the environment are all topics of news headlines; they are also the subjects of Varone’s art, sometimes with an emphasis on war or the environment but often recognizing that all three systems are interrelated. But headlines are the stuff of sound bites designed to draw us in, stimulate our anxiety, and provide little substantial information. They are the “Pop” in Lichtenstein’s appropriation of comic book and advertising iconography. As he reflects our social and political universe is there an incentive toward active resistance? By Varone’s own admission, his news is “bad news” – it can be overwhelming if it isn’t filtered. The irony provided by the childlike innocence of his line drawings mask the destruction designated by the crawlers – a tense standoff between the tolerable and the intolerable.

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