Exhibition this Thursday at Hendershot Gallery

November 16, 2009

Featured artists include: Ella Ben-Aharon, Edo Ceder, Molly Dilworth, Merav Ezer, Interboro: Tobias Armborst + Daniel D’Oca + Georgeen Theodore, Bess Krietemeyer, Alois Kronschlaeger, Matthias Neumann, Graham Parker, Adi Shniderman, Eirini + Dimitra Tsachrelia in collaboration with Yoichiro Mizuno, and Jason Varone.

This exhibition investigates art and its relationship to the built environment. Architecturally… concerns itself with the in-between, the collaborative and the transdisciplinary. The primacy of the disciplines of art and architecture will be temporarily suspended for a more inclusive dialog on space and the site-specific. The artists and projects shown represent a wide range of disciplines including architecture, photography, painting, sculpture, video and dance, transcending the walls of Hendershot Gallery to encompass the entire sixth floor of the building.

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